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Does Mirage work on Hololens 1?

No it does not. I did some testing on the Hololens 1, and functionality-wise it worked. However all of the interactions in Mirage rely on articulated hand tracking which the Hololens 1 does not support. I did not want to redo the entire interaction model and potentially add bugs or compromise the Hololens 2 experience. 

Why is the QR code so dark?

The QR code is dark because, counter-intuitively, it is easier for the Hololens camera to read. When the QR code is white, on many displays it is very bright and saturates the Hololens' camera to the point that reading the QR code is very difficult.

Why are you not releasing more updates/adding new features?

As of January 2021, I will no longer be working for Microsoft. The biggest effect this has on my ability to support Mirage is that I no longer have a Hololens device on which to develop and test. 

Does Mirage expose an API or have an SDK?


I am having connection issues, what can I do?

​There are a couple of things worth trying:

  1. Check your firewall settings on your PC, ensure that there are both inbound and outbound rules for Mirage (for both TCP and UDP)

  2. Make sure that you are on the same network on both devices

  3. If you are using a VPN for either device, try disconnecting it

  4. If you have been trying to connect over USB (i.e. if you have had the Hololens plugged in to the PC via a USB cable, trying unplugging it and then trying to connect, or vice versa)

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